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We are confident in, and proud of, the healing work we do. Some of the best evidence of our results might be found in the words of people we have helped over the years. These testimonials reflect the level of quality care that we provide and the pain relief and physical well-being you can look forward to:

"For years I have suffered from intense back pain, shoulder and neck pains, and terrific headaches. I have spent hundreds of dollars on doctors and chiropractors who could do nothing for me, I even had an operation on my shoulder that was supposed to help relieve the pain, but it did no good - in fact, worsened it. In 3 treatments from you I am completely free of pain and headaches for the first time in years! I would recommend acupuncture to anyone. I feel like a new person! Thank you!"

– Larry Faughn

"The problem I faced was depression, for which my doctor was prescribing sleeping pills. As the dosage was increased, this forced me to take some other pills to wake up. All this was affecting me. I learned about acupuncture and came in for treatment. Since the first visit, I have been sleeping like I have not been able to in a long time, and without taking any more sleeping pills."

– Jorge Tapia

"I am totally convinced that my excellent state of health is due to the treatments you have administered. I presently enjoy a normal life...I am a firm believer in the marvelous natural science of acupuncture. I thank you and my family thanks you."

– Francisco Gonzalez

"Thank you for making our lives so much more free from pain and making it a pleasure to face each day...The treatments are virtually painless, relaxing and truly beneficial. My disposition has changed and I have a much brighter outlook on life. I am so thankful for your knowledge and talent!"

– Cynthia J. Bindman

"I can't thank you enough for a new feeling of well-being...My first treatment brought relief. It is great waking up every morning without a headache. Thank you for taking the pain and medicine out of my life. Life is great!!! Thanks again."

– Pat Bernard

"I have referred many people of all ages to Dr. Chang and they invariably express satisfaction. The capacity of acupuncture to effectively treat all ailments at one time makes it a very practical method of attaining good general health."

– John W. Ewer

"I have so much confidence in Dr. Chang's practice that I have recommended him to several members of my family as well as friends."

– Blanca S. Martinez

"You've done more for me than any of the doctors I've gone to, you cured me. Thank you Dr. Chang, very much."

– Roland Garcia

"It has been four years that pains in my shoulders, hands, knees, and ankles were diagnosed as arthritis. Since that time I have been taking pills to control the pain, but as the dosage increased in strength, it affected my stomach. After only one treatment with Dr. Chang, the pain began to decrease. Finally after several treatments I am recuperating my health without having to take any more painkillers. Thanks, Dr. Chang"

– Maria Martinez

"My wife, Ida, was seeking to improve her hearing, which over the last three years had deteriorated to the point of virtual deafness. She rapidly lost most of the hearing in her right ear, and then progressively her left ear started failing. On our first visit to Dr. Chang, you agreed to try to help her; you advised that up to six weeks of treatments would be required to improve her hearing. In the fourth treatment, my wife started hearing and understanding TV sounds, family member's voices, phone ringing, etc. Since then, her hearing has improved to the point her self-confidence is returning and she is readily conversing, answering the phone, driving and shopping, in effect, resuming her normal style.... You have our deepest gratitude and appreciation for healing services rendered to my wife."

– Benjamin Roberts


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